Regardless of price range, there is no limit to the amount of creative thinking that can go into the design of homebuilder collections. The key is to develop solutions that are architecturally sound, efficient to implement on a large scale, but flexible enough to allow for individuality of finish to create the most diverse neighborhood aesthetics possible for the price range. And beyond merely creating individual homes of beauty and elegance, we develop a comprehensive neighborhood aesthetic that infuses a unique personality to the entire development.

At osmosis architecture, we understand that a custom home very often is a dream fulfilled. The creation of a place of refuge and restoration. It is where children are raised, friends and family are gathered, and where quiet moments alone are enjoyed. Custom design should be as unique as the individuals who will experience the home every day for years to come. That's why we make a substantial investment to fully understand the client's relationship with the living spaces they will eventually inhabit. We then bring our nationally renowned creativity to the project with energy and enthusiasm, resulting in a home design that exceeds expectations, adds lasting value and is enjoyed for decades to come.


When we take on a commercial architecture project, we use a similar methodology as in residential and home builder solutions. We look into the future of how the development will be experienced by business owners and their customers. We envision how the development can contribute to the vitality and beauty of the community, while respecting the budgets and other constraints of the developer. The result is the best of all worlds: functionality, aesthetics and a lasting, positive impact on the surrounding area.