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On The Boards | Marshall Rebuilding

After the devastating Marshall Fires in Louisville and Superior, osmosis has been able to partner with a number of homeowners and Boulder Creek Neighborhoods to help rebuild communities.

Coming alongside 16 homeowners with Porchfront Homes and Colson Builders, we have helped breathe new life into lots after such a devastating loss with custom homes. Several homes in Lousiville's Centennial and Coal Creek neighborhoods have begun to come out of the ground. A number of Original Town Superior homes have begun as well that will be a part of transforming the West end of Original Town.

We have worked with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods for a series of 8 plans designed to work on lots in many of the neighborhoods that have been affected. Over 70 homeowners have selected plans through Boulder Creek, utilizing their track record as an exceptional production builder. More information on the series is at livebouldercreek.com