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On The Boards | Marshall Rebuilding

In the wake of the destructive Marshall Fires in Louisville and Superior, osmosis has teamed up with homeowners and builders to assist in the rebuilding of affected communities. Through these partnerships, osmosis has been able to help restore and revitalize these areas. We are thrilled to see these homes starting to take shape. Here is a preview of some of the projects currently in progress.

We have partnered with Porchfront Homes and Colson Builders to assist 16 homeowners in rebuilding custom homes after a devastating loss. Custom homes in Louisville's Centennial and Coal Creek neighborhoods are already starting to take shape. Additionally, we are working on constructing Original Town Superior homes in the West end of Original Town, which will help to revitalize the area.

In partnership with Boulder Creek Neighborhoods, we have developed a collection of 8 house plans specifically designed for lots in various impacted neighborhoods. To date, over 70 homeowners have chosen these plans through Boulder Creek. For more information about this series, visit


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