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Contemporary Design | Professional Builder Housing Review

Contemporary Designs.

Larry Garnett, FAIBD, House Review Lead Designer

May 8, 2016

In a market where buyers are resistant to cookie-cutter streetscapes, multiple exteriors are a critical part of the design process. As you'll see on the following pages, careful attention to details and materials allows you to set the same plans very close to one another without a hint of repetition. Offering brick or siding cladding options is one way to dramatically change the exterior. However, when you analyze the major components

of any home, you'll find that the roof is usually the dominant element. Changing from a hip to a gable design, along with varying roof pitches, provides striking changes in elevation. While you're not likely to build identical floor plans side by side, you should make sure that alternate elevations are different enough to be able to do so. As always, we welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions.


It's no surprise that both Millennials and empty nesters find attached living attractive. For starters, the initial purchase price and maintenance costs can be reduced. But what may be a surprise is that both of these generations find the clean lines, rich materials, and cool colors used in contemporary exteriors appealing. This townhome community by Wonderland Homes at Stapleton has a mix of ranch and two-story plans that are a hit with buyers both young and young at heart.

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