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precision. passion. and a healthy dose of perfectionism.


Equal parts art and science, architecture is the one art form that people experience firsthand every day. Thus, when designing a new home or commercial environment, our designers begin with the simple fact that architecture is for people, not the other way around. Any new design must reflect and respond to the personality, lifestyle, and tastes of the home or business owner. To capture this essence, we have become good listeners, deeply pondering the things we hear, and then providing innovative and compelling design solutions that delight and astound.

Beginning in 1994 as Olson Architecture, osmosis architecture has been helping clients create their dream homes and transform their current homes through remodels for 25 years now. 

2011 Nationals Custom Home

2012 Nationals Custom Home

2013 Nationals Custom Home

2008 Gold Award for Best of 50+ Living

2009 Gold Award for Best of 50+ Living 

2011 Gold Award for Best of 50+ Living

2017 MAME Detached Home of the Year


Anne Postle, Architect, CAASH, brings over 25 years experience in market-driven residential architecture to her clients. She is a regular speaker at the International Builders Show, the Rocky Mountain Builders Show and the 50+ Housing Symposium.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013, Osmosis Architecture had an award winning custom home entry in The Nationals, and in 2008, 2009 and 2011, they received a Gold Award in the Best of 50+ Housing.

Anne is a regular contributor to Professional Builder’s House Review and frequently speaks at the International Builders' Shows for the past 18 years. Speaking on 'Affordable Million Dollar Details’ on several occasions. ‘He Said, She Said: Meeting the Demands of Today’s Men and Women buyers' used survey data to show how differing priorities between men and women influence their home purchase. Most recently Anne spoke at the 2019 IBS on a panel discussing Being Memorable: Captivating Buyers with Cutting-Edge Design Trends.

Anne Postle, Architect, owner