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Edge Infill Housing | Professional Builder

From Professional Builder's House Review design team:

Infill construction continues to provide opportunities in almost every community. While we typically consider difficult lot sizes can prove quite formidable. However, exciting solutions for higher-density housing that maintain the appropriate architectural character, scale, and mass are usually welcomed by city leaders and neighbors. The following designs and concepts offer a variety of projects with presentations that clearly communicate the value of well-conceived infill design.

The key to a successful narrow-lot infill project is a floor plan that blurs the edges between traditionally defined spaces and allows the plan to live large. The Edge project blurs the line between defined spaces, interior and exterior, and efficiency and flair. The 25-foot-wide floor plan lives large in both function and style.

Plan Size

First floor: 913 sf

Second floor: 960 sf

Optional third floor: 475 sf

Total with options: 2,348 sf

Width: 25 feet

Depth: 73 feet

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