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IBS 2024 | A Home of Their Own

International Builders Show
Feb 27 | 8:30-930AM | LVCC - West 220

The International Builder Show (IBS) 2024, set for February 22-24 in Las Vegas, is just around the corner. Presenting ideas to achieve attainable housing, Anne Postle will be joined by expert colleagues, Tony Crasi of The Crasi Company and Susan Wade of Redland, who bring extensive experience in construction and land development.

In this compelling session, Anne, Tony, And Susan, will unravel the ideas to unlocking attainable homeownership for essential community members. The presentation will delve into creative planning, land concepts, architectural design, and cost-effective construction techniques, all aimed at making homeownership more accessible.

Anne's experience in market-driven residential architecture spans over 35 years. Her firm, Osmosis Architecture, has brought innovative design and value-driven housing solutions across Colorado, having collaborated with distinguished builders such as Brightland Homes, Boulder Creek Builders, and DR Horton.


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