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On The Boards | Franklin Commons

After a devastating fire in 2017, the iconic Colterra restaurant on Franklin Street in Niwot faced an uncertain future. Under the ownership of Palmos Development, plans for revitalization have taken shape.

The vision for the redevelopment project embraces the concept of mixed-use development, reflecting the growing trend of creating vibrant, multi-functional spaces throughout the Front Range. With a focus on preserving the historic Bader House, the forthcoming transformation will breathe new life into the site. Remodeling efforts will enhance this landmark, adding modern amenities and accommodating additional square footage.

The redevelopment project holds promise for Niwot, addressing the demand for residential options in the area. Exciting possibilities lie ahead, including the creation of commercial spaces and five small apartments, fostering a sense of community and offering new opportunities for residents and entrepreneurs alike.

While the exact purpose of the Bader House is yet to be determined, there is hope that it will continue to serve as a restaurant, adding to the town's culinary scene. The project symbolizes a fresh chapter in Niwot's history, showcasing the community's dedication to preserving its heritage while embracing positive change.


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