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On The Boards | Pocket Homes

Pocket home on corner

Our latest concept project, The Pocket Homes, is designed with attainability, affordability, and community integration in mind. These pocket homes are seamlessly integrated within a standard single-family community. In a typical subdivision of 50'x100' lots ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 square feet, the proposed Pocket Home plots end cap blocks to contain four homes instead of one. The pocket homes consist of two buildings of paired units built on a standard lot, positioned at the end cap of a block. The concept would work interior to a block among alley-loaded homes of similar lot sizing.

Pocket home plans

The goal of these pocket homes is to offer attainable housing for the teachers, firefighters, nurses, and other essential workers who are integral to our communities. These homes are perfect for first-time buyers or those seeking to downsize without compromising on community connection. By diversifying the housing density within a development, these homes help create a vibrant, inclusive community rather than segmenting different housing types into separate areas.

Pocket homes with notes

To keep homeownership accessible, we designed these homes without garages or basements, focusing on maximizing space while keeping costs down. Though compact, they provide limited outdoor living spaces. The trade-off is the opportunity for homeownership, comparable to many apartment setups but with added community benefits.

Building these pocket homes alongside traditional single-family units, and at the same time, helps prevent the "Not In My Back Yard" (NIMBY) mindset, fostering a sense of inclusivity. This approach offers multi-generational housing within the same neighborhood, allowing younger and older residents to live just a few doors away from each other.

We believe this concept has the potential to be a great fit for many Colorado Front Range locations. By placing four small homes on a standard lot, there's an opportunity to negotiate reduced water and sewer tap fees, making homeownership more attainable for essential workers in our communities.

The Pocket Homes were developed for our A Home of Their Own presentation at the International Builders' Show with Susan Wade of Redlands and Tony Crasi of the Crasi Company.


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